Monday, September 10, 2007

Jason's Mustang Restoration Project - Winter Project Prep(Part 10)

This is a set of photos showing some of the things that I need to work on this coming winter...

October 31 - November 4, 2002

I have been looking closer at some of the things that I would like to work on this winter.

The first few pictures show the old door shells now stripped of all their parts and a milk crate full of the window and latch parts that I will use to rebuild the new doors.

Also, I decided to remove the lift cylinders for the top (again) to see if there is any way to fix the leaks... I am beginning to accept that I might have to just buy some new cylinders and get it over with...

Finally, I pulled the right rear wheel to try to locate the problem that was causing a horrible clanking noise when I go over bumps.

I took a few shots of the rear end, leaf springs, and brakes while I was at it.

I think the rear end is due for a good cleaning as a future weekend project...

I think the missing bushing in the 14th photo pretty much solves the noise mystery!

The last few photos show my continued attempt to get the power top mechanism working again. I think I have finally found 2 good cylinders from the 6 units I have laying around. The last pic shows the differences between a 69 Cougar cylinder and a 67 Mustang cylinder (on right).

The car currently has one of each installed!

I will run the top occasionally over the winter to see if it develops any more leaks...