Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jason's Mustang Restoration Project - Tires And Shocks(Part 11)

This is a set of photos showing my new tires and wheels, and the CVMC project day where we changed the shocks...

November 29, 2002

Well, today it was my turn to host the monthly Chicago Vintage Mustang Club "tech meeting". This is something we do once a month in the winter to keep our minds on our cars when we can't (or won't) drive them.

I asked anyone who was interested to stop by and help me change the shocks on the convertible.

As you can see, it was long overdue. Both rear shocks were seized, one was even bent so bad I had to cut it off to get it out.

The fronts were both un-damaged, but both of them had stopped providing resistance.

Too bad I will have to wait until spring to see how the car rides now!

Also included here are the newly refinished wheels and new tires that my dad set me up with. The wheels are all original Ford 1965 or 1966 steel 14" rims, which were sand blasted, and repainted with black on the outside and cast grey on the inside. The tires are BFG "The Advantage Plus" P195/75 R14 Whitewalls.

They look good with the original hubcaps!

December 26, 2002

I took a closer look at the shocks today, (last 2 pictures) and although it is hard to tell in the photos, I scraped a little of the rust and undercoating off and found the original Ford part numbers on all 4 shocks. Yup, they were ORIGINAL!!!

No wonder they didnt work right anymore...