Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jason's Mustang Restoration Project - Mostly Primer(Part 9)


This is a set of photos showing the installation of the new doors, hood, and trunk lid...

September 16, 2002

Finally! Some major progress!

As noted earlier, I was able to find a new trunk lid and passenger door on my own, and the body shop was able to find a hood and drivers side door.

All of the parts are original sheet metal off of other cars, and the hood is even an original 64.5 hood with the correct un-folded leading edge!

The parts were all media blasted and primed to match the euro-primer already on the fenders and quarter panels. Now the car is almost all one color for the first time in about 2 years.

Not that it is a great color though... :)

The 14th picture shows the hood during the smoothing and priming process...

Next? Nothing big. I need to pay for all of this... I will slowly begin to move the parts from the old doors to the new ones, and also begin to clean, paint, and re-assemble the convertible top frame.

Eventually - I will do the convertible top for the next project.