Monday, August 20, 2007

Jason's Mustang Restoration Project - Collecting Parts(Part 8)

This is a set of photos showing the progress in finding some of the big body parts I need, progress on the convertible top overhaul, and other odds and ends...

August 12, 2002

Not a lot of progress to report, but I wanted to throw in a few pictures of some of the little side projects I have been working on.

I was given a set of carpeting from fellow VMF-er GeneJ, but I will probably wait for a while before I put it in.

I bought a new trunk lid and a new passenger side door. They are both nice rust free and bondo free parts. I am planning on having them both media blasted and primered soon.

I have also been trying to remove the remainder of the old torn fabric from the convertible top frame. Underneath, it is still in very good shape!

And, after thinking about it since I first bought the car, I was finally able to get some personalized license plates. Note the suspicious decimal point...