Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jason's Mustang Restoration Project - Summertime Driver(Part 7)

This is a set of photos showing some photos of the continued effort to get the Mustang as road worthy as possible, and my first car show!

June 18, 2002

Well, there has been a bit of a lull with the mounting bills that need to be paid off for all the work on the engine this past winter

But I am continuing to do some little things, like re-installing the wipers, installing the passenger seat and seat belts.

It now appears that the seats I bought have the wrong style lower cover on them. They will look ok for now, but I guess I will have to get them re-covered eventually.

The turn signal switch was replaced, and I took a picture of the old one.

I also figured out that the yellow-top ignition coil I bought was bad, as it would begin to fail badly every time it got hot.

While I was waiting for the new one to come, I reinstalled the old IC that came with the car when I got it. It worked great!

I bought a new Pertronix coil and am painting it yellow to look close to the original.

I also brought my car to the 3rd meeting of the Chicago Vintage Mustang Club (Which I am running) And took my first car show picture!

Please don't laugh too hard.