Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Jason's Mustang Restoration Project - Engine Install Day(Part 4)

This is a set of photos showing the installation of the engine and engine accessories.

January 23, 2002

My Dad called me yesterday to ask if I could take the day off today and come to help them install the engine.

When I arrived, the transmission was still not finished, but it was getting close. The mechanic decided to just go ahead and put the engine in anyways, leaving the transmission for the next day or two.

Basically, this is just a step by step account of what we did, from hoisting the engine into position, to the addition of all the components needed to start it.

I also included the first good pictures of the underbody that I have been able to get. Notice that the shackle is missing from the passenger side leaf spring.

I bent the fuel line myself, replacing the one that had been spliced with a rubber hose. Everything else seemed to go together farily well.

I am amazed at how good it looks so far!