Thursday, January 10, 2008

1968 GT 390 Fastback


After being on blocks since 1986

Checking it out

Not much rust and an inch of dust


The engine was running, but had a “minor” problem.

Where does this go...?

... I think it goes here.

Rebuilt and Ready to Install

Going In.

Almost In

A Big Block is a Tight Fit for a ’68

As the Engine Looked in April 2002

Engine Compartment

July 2000-April 2001

Engine Compartment

Battery Box Before

Clutch Linkage Access Hole?

Heater Core Access Hole?

Old Battery Box Removed

New Battery Box Installed

Heater Core Hole Patch

July - August 2001

Front end painted.

Firewall repaired.

Closer view of passenger side.

Shock tower strengthener.

Driver's side wheel well repair.

Helpful mount for moving the body around.

Suspension installed.

Passenger side.
Driver's side rear.

Passenger side rear.


Body Work

May - October 2004

Started Stripping Fender

Cleaning out The Window Seal

Vacuuming the Window Seal

Fuel Tank

Inside the Trunk

Rear Disassembled

Stripped, Cleaned and Etched, DS

Stripped, Cleaned and Etched, PS

What's Next?

Primered and Ready for Body Work

December 2004 - February 2005

Up on Blocks Again

Something's missing...

... here it is.

Ready to be Cleaned

Looks a Bit Cleaner Now

Rear End Cleaned Up

Underside Looks Much Better

Tunnel Cleaned

Floor Pans Repaired

Engine Ready to be Re-Freshed

February 2005

April 2005


May - June 2005

Final Priming, DS

Final Priming, PS

Quarter Panel, DS

Quarter Panel, PS

Inside the Trunk

Trunk Lid

Me Painting the Trunk

Me Painting Trunk Again

June - July 2005

Painted and Clear Coated, DS

Painted and Clear Coated, PS

First Time in Daylight, DS

My Brother Dan And I with the Dogs

Quarter View

Engine Back In

Dan Helping with Finish Work

Drivable at Last at the Vintage Races

Latest Pictures

July 2005

Vintage Races July 4th Weekend 2005
Just got Drivable about 2 Hours Before these WereTaken

Not Quite Finished, but Feels Good