Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dan's '68 Mustang Restomod Project(Part 4)


April 2006

Hood and fenders finally on!
Just after my first test drive!

After longer than I had hoped since my last update (because of not getting a lot of weekends to myself) I drove it on Sunday, April 30th for the first time in EIGHT YEARS!! I wanted to bed in the brakes and make sure things were working before taking it over the alignment shop. I did it EARLY (like 6:15AM early) on Sunday morning so that I could avoid traffic. I swear I woke up half the neighborhood when I fired it up! With tires squealing (from non-alignment, not from getting on the throttle!) I drove it about 5 miles. I still need to finish a lot of things, but it is nearly road legal, so at least I can drive it!! I need to finish installing the door windows, some more wiring, the carpets, dyeing the rear seat and seat covers on the front seats (until I get around to getting them all recovered,) the custom mirrors, tail pipes, and a bunch of other miscellaneous things.

May 2006


My trip to the alignment shop was an adventure! After going to one close by and taking all back roads (within 2 miles of my house,) the Firestone couldn't put it on their alignment rack because my car was too low!! They told me to go to this other one that had the better rack--but that was 10 miles away! So I had to go over there with my front wheel squealing (I had a lifetime alignment plan at Firestone so I didn't want to go elsewhere.) Then I had a 2 mile detour due to road construction. Anyway...the car is drivable!! Now I am just working out the bugs. Things like: I have too radical of a cam to keep my vacuum high enough to properly operate the brake power booster, so I have go manual. The '95 Mustang GT brake master cylinder doesn't operate my rear disc brakes adequately enough so I am going with a '93 Cobra master cylinder. Door windows need minor adjustment so the power window motors don't strain when getting to the top. The front wheels rubbed the inner part of the fenders so I had to get new wheels. I went with ones with a 4.75" offset--the old ones had 4.25". They look nearly identical, but are not Edelbrock's.

June 2006

I converted the brakes over to manual and thy work fine now. I think I messed with them for two or three weeks. Other than that, I didn't do too much to the car.

July 2006

Bellevue Show

Fugate Ford

Went to the Vintage Races the first weekend in July. I missed one day because my carburetor was flooding out. Too much fuel pressure was the culprit so I got a regulator. But I got a chance to go the second day. It was a blast running around the track for the parade laps! But I discovered that cornering at high speed isn't much fun as the power rack-n-pinion doesn't give a lot of road feedback. I think if I were to do it over, I would have got the manual rack. But since I am not going to be racing it, I will keep it the way it is. More street drivable anyway.

I did the annual Pony Trails and went to the Bellevue show later in July and I also ordered my Holley TBI--good bye carburetor!!

August 2006

Bowen Scarff Show

I wend to the Bowen Scarff Show and place first in the modified category and also put my car into my car clubs annual show. I didn't do a lot to the car, but I started laying out the TBI harness to be installed.

September 2006

Installed the TBI and got it tuned so that it runs. I need to get the O2 sensor welded in so I can finish off the tunning.