Monday, June 25, 2007

Jason's Mustang Restoration Project(Part 2)

Leaving For 2nd Phase

This is a set of photos showing the first time I ever towed the car by myself. The trailer was borrowed, but the pickup truck is mine!

These pictures give new meaning to the term "Trailer Queen"

October 27, 2001

Check out this awesome trailer that my friend Greg let me use! I didnt know it was a flatbed until he brought it over. It even has its own brakes!

I figued it would just be a 2 wheel dolly...

Well, the stang is now off to my dad's place of employment where they will pull the engine and the transmisison out.

They will send the motor to one guy, and the transmission to another for rebuilding.

The 6th photo shows the car waiting outside of Petterson's, where my dad works. It is funny to see it out amongst other cars for a change...

Then, Larry from the Body / Mustang shop (SLS) will pick up the car there and bring it to the media blaster to clean the white paint, rust, and dirt off of the engine bay.

Once it is blasted, it will go back to SLS to replace the battery tray with the correct 65 version, have a new windshield installed, fix the brakes, replace the fuel tank and fuel line, and paint the engine bay black again.

When SLS is done with it, it will go back to my dad's place to have the engine and transmisison re-installed, and hopefully a new exhaust system.

I also took a couple of pictures of the interior while I had some good sunlight. Those shots really show the quality of the floor repairs and the new dash stuff nicely.

Once this is all done, maybe, just maybe, I will be able to drive it home under its own power for the first time!

I will cross my fingers...

Removing Motor

This is a set of photos showing the results of pulling the motor and the transmission.

November 1, 2001

Well, now the motor is out. They also took out the transmission, and stripped all the sheet metal off of the motor to prepare it for the trip to the motor rebuilders.

They tell me that the driver side exhaust manifold has a big piece broken off, so finding another one will be my next project I guess.

2nd Body Shop Trip

This is a set of photos showing the progress on the engine bay, brakes, and fuel tank.

November 16, 2001

I got a call today that the car was back from the blaster, and that the brakes were installed. So I went over to take some pictures. Larry also told me that the hood was sent through the blasting process too just to see how bad it really was. Finally, the new fuel tank has been installed temporarily just so that it can be driven!

As you can see, the whole front end of the car looks great! The darker metal around the master cylinder is just wet with brake fluid.

Also, note that the car now has the correct battery tray apron!

The 8th picture is great because it finally shows the entire list of codes on the firewall that were hidden before.

The entire list reads: C322 76A M 86 PT BL. As far as I understand it, the codes mean the following: C322 = an order number of some kind, 76A = Convertible with standard interior, M = color code for Wimbledon White, 86 = Black Vinyl interior with black trim, PT = Power Top, BL = Backup Lights.

And just as I thought, the hood is pretty much swiss cheese. The last photo shows one spot where the rust came all the way through to the top of the hood.

Motor Is Rebuilt

This is a set of photos showing the newly rebuilt motor and the preparation of all the parts needed to put it back together again.

November 17, 2001

Today, I went to go look at the motor which is already back from the rebuilder's.

The block looks fantastic!

I also took the opportunity to load all the accessories and extra parts into the truck and bring them back to my dad's place for the coming re-installation.

Many of these pictures just show the pieces that I have been working on to clean up.

More From The 2nd Body Shop Trip

This is a set of photos showing the completion of the engine bay, and the work in progress to re-install the windshield.

There are also a number of photos showing cars belonging to other SLS customers!

November 26, 2001

Today, I went to go see the newly painted engine bay. We are only waiting to get in all of the parts for the windshield, and the car will be ready to go back to get the engine re-installed!

While I was there, I decided to take some snapshots of some of the other cars that were in the shop.

In order they are a 70 Convertible with original pink paint and 16k orig miles!, a 66 vert with a cool red paint job, a rusty old 64.5 vert that is just being started on, and a totally rust free 73 vert in the paint booth!

Hurry Up And Wait

This is a set of photos showing the small projects and parts collecting that I am working on while I wait for the engine to be re-installed.

December 11, 2001

This update is being done because I am stuck without my car, waiting for the engine to be re-installed.

The first 4 pictures show various engine parts being repainted. The next 4 pics show what the car actually looks like now.

Finally, the last few pics show some of the parts that I have purchased or fixed in my garage while I have been waiting... Check out the awesome air cleaner!

Some Progress

This is a set of photos showing more of the work being done to prepare for for the engine to be re-installed.

January 12, 2002

Well, in an attempt to move things along, I have decided to go to the shop where they are working on (or not working on) the engine.

I figure if they see me in there working on it every weekend, maybe they will get sick of seeing me and start their work too!

These pictures show a before and after on the wire harness installation, the fuel tank filler tube install, some pictures of the rear end with working taillights, and some shots of the old and new carburetor together.

I moved the air cleaner stud and the dashpot over to the new carb.

I have been told that work on the transmission and the engine re-assembly will begin this coming week. We'll see!

P.S. - That 2nd picture is the Shelby that has been hiding under the boxes at the body shop I go to. Larry says he is planning on restoring it, and is currently collecting original parts for it. Much of the hard to find unique Shelby stuff is still on the car.

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